Hello, every great brand has a story. I’m John Moberg, CEO of Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. Parent company to Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants and I’m excited to tell you about our story. It all begins here each and every day. It begins fresh. Before our guests ever walk in our door, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Family farms raise local produce, hand cut from the fields and rush it to our kitchens. Usually within hours of harvest. Farmers like Bob Campbell here, owner of Campbell Ranches. Bob is such an expert in broccoli, I like to call him Broccoli Bob. Thanks John, I consider that a compliment. So how many acres of broccoli do you grow for us Bob? We do about 200 acres a year for Garden Fresh. And is all this just for Garden Fresh? It is. Wow, that’s a lot of broccoli. Well just try a piece here John. Well thank you Bob. You bet! This is fresh. This is really fresh. Our refrigerated trucks play a big role in keeping everything fresh. This is how we get our farmers produce from the fields to our kitchens. And that’s where the real magic begins. In seventeen central kitchens, hundreds of cooks hand cut fresh produce for our restaurants each and every morning. It all happens within hours pretty much every day of the year. Not many holidays for these hardworking folks. Hey, freshness never takes a day off. This is where all of our soups are made. Our cooks simmer and sauté soups all from scratch. We also hand make our dressings and our own pasta sauces. We cook the way you cook at home when you have the time. All from scratch, from real, wholesome ingredients like GMO free flour, eggs, milk and sugar. No prepared mixes for us and unlike most restaurants, our drivers bring all this freshly prepared food to our restaurants. Before our guests even walk in the door, our bakers bake authentic focaccia and muffins every day, seven days a week , fifty two weeks a year. Fifty feet of farm fresh produce is carefully stocked in our salad bars. And fresh salads are tossed with our scratch made dressings. Eight made from scratch soups from our huge proprietary owned library of recipes fill these pots. Unlike most restaurant chains, we make all our pastas from scratch. And we finish our pastas right here in the restaurants each and every day. Tantalizing desserts are baked, original lemonades are blended with real California strawberries. Before guests walk in our door, we create a restaurant with the limitless bounty of garden fresh, mouth watering nourishment. We do this for our guests, this is who we are. Its the right thing to do. I love making fresh salads. I like seeing people enjoy my focaccia it makes them happy. We’re always looking for opportunities in a fresh way. To find better ways to do things, we’re not afraid to take risks. To find creative solutions to better our guest experience and our business. Everyday begins fresh and we challenge ourselves each day to make our business and guest experience better. And fresh begins here and here.

John Moberg Portrait


John Morberg
Garden Fresh, CEO

John’s passion for the Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes brand began in 1982 while a college student in San Diego. He was a fan of the brand from the beginning, dining there every chance he could. Today, his guiding principle is to stay true to the founders’ vision, yet adapt and grow to meet the needs of today’s demanding marketplace. He is dedicated to providing simply delicious food from fresh ingredients, prepared the way folks cook at home when they have the time. Fortunately, being the pioneer in farm-to- table produce genuinely fits John’s leadership style. He’s just as comfortable talking to his farmers in the fields and guests in the restaurant, as addressing investors in a boardroom. John loves to visit with his favorite farmers and even pick fresh produce directly from the fields. His machinist father taught him to “use his hands” which extends from farming to even building his own office desk.


John Moberg and Broccoli Bob on farm


Since becoming CEO, John has reignited Garden Fresh’s commitment to being the leaders in farmfresh, wholesome food by creating authentic and lasting partnerships with the folks who really deliver: The Farmers. It’s this hands-on, handshake approach that is rapidly changing the culture and fortune of Garden Fresh.

As the CEO, lead visionary and Chief Brand Manager, John is passionately motivating team members and guests to rediscover the unique qualities of Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants and to Discover Fresh™. John is proud of the 6000 managers and crew members who devote their expertise and passion to serving millions of guests every year.


John’s Favorites
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Red Velvet Cake

Caesar Asiago Salad

Scratch-Made Lemon Muffins

Chicago Pepperoni & Sausage Focaccia

Big Chunk Chicken Noodle Soup

Food - Red Velvet Cake Food - Caesar Asiago Salad Food - Scratch-Made Lemon Muffins Food - Chicago Pepperoni & Sausage Focaccia Food - Big Chunk Chicken Noodle Soup