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Limited Time August Offerings
VG Vegetarian   |   VE Vegan   |  
GF Gluten-Friendly

Because we update our offerings to bring you refreshing culinary discoveries, please call if your heart is set on a specific item to ensure its availability! Menu varies by location. For your local restaurant menu click below.

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VEGF Fresh Berry Salad with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette8/1-8/29
VGGF Picnic Potato Salad8/1-8/29
Shrimp & Seafood Shells8/1-8/29
VEGF Ancient Grains Quinoa Blend8/1-8/29
Cream of Mushroom Soup8/1-8/29
GF Famously French Onion Soup8/1-8/29 *Not served in New Mexico
VEGF Santa Fe Black Bean Chili*Available in select locations, rotating with Clam Chowder
VG Turbo Kale & Veggie Soup8/1-8/29
VG Vegetarian Harvest Soup8/1-8/29
VE Veggie Hot & Sour Soup8/1-8/29
VG Lemon Greek Cavatappi8/1-8/29
VG Penne Arrabbiata8/1-8/29
VG Wildly Blue Blueberry
VG Buttermilk Corn Bread
VG Brownie Bites
VGGF Gluten Friendly Coconut Muffin8/1-8/29
VG Peach Poppy Seed Muffin8/1-8/29
VG Butterscotch Blondie Bars8/1-8/29 *Dinner only, after 4 pm
Salad Bar
For all who share in our love for fresh healthy food, we give you the freedom to create your own unique meal; Choose from an abundance of freshly cut veggies, proteins and grains.
VEGF Beets*
VGGF Feta Cheese
VEGF Red Cabbage
VEGF Black Beans*
VEGF Garbanzo Beans
VEGF Red Onions
VEGF Black Olives
VEGF Green Bell Peppers*
VEGF Romaine Lettuce
VGGF Blue Cheese Crumbles*
VEGF Green Cabbage*
VE Rotini Rainbow Pasta
VEGF Broccoli
VGGF Hard Boiled Eggs
VG Seasoned Croutons
VEGF Broccoli Stalk
VEGF Iceberg Lettuce
VEGF Shredded Carrots
VEGF Cauliflower
VEGF Jalapeno Peppers
VGGF Shredded Yellow Cheddar
VEGF Celery
VEGF Kidney Beans
VEGF Spinach
VGGF Cottage Cheese*
VEGF Mushrooms
VEGF Spring Mix
VEGF Sunflower Seeds
VG Crispy Noodles*
VEGF Sweet Pickles
VEGF Cucumber
VEGF Pepperoncinis
VEGF Dill Pickles
VEGF Radishes
VG Wonton Strips*
VEGF Raisins
VEGF Zucchini
VEGF Edamame*
VEGF Red Bell Peppers*
VEGF Ancient Grains Quinoa Blend*
VEGF Tomatoes
Dressings, Oils & Vinegars
VGGF House-Made Blue Cheese
VGGF Fat Free Honey Mustard
VEGF Extra Virgin Olive Oil
VGGF Creamy Italian*
VEGF Fat-Free Italian
VEGF Balsamic Vinegar
VG Roasted Garlic
VGGF House-Made Fat Free Ranch
VEGF Red Wine Vinegar
VEGF French
GF House-Made Balsamic Vinaigrette
VEGF Rice Wine Vinegar
VGGF House-Made Ranch
VEGF Freshly Ground Black Pepper
VGGF Thousand Island*
VEGF House-Made Classic Greek Dressing*
Big Chunk Chicken Noodle Soup
GF Deep Kettle Chili
Yankee Clipper Clam Chowder w/ Bacon*
Tossed & Prepared Salads
Caesar Asiago
VG Wonton Happiness
Tuna Tarragon
GF Joan's Broccoli Madness
Hot Pasta & Kitchen Favorites
VG Classic Macaroni & Cheese
VEGF Baked Sweet Potato*
VEGF White Rice*
VEGF Baked Potato
VG Brownie Bites
VG Cheesy Garlic Focaccia
Multi-Grain Bread*
VG Wildly Blueberry Muffins
VG Quattro Formaggio Focaccia
Sourdough Bread*
VG Buttermilk Cornbread
Fresh Fruit & Desserts
GF Red Raspberry Gelatin*
VGGF Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse
VGGF Tapioca Pudding
Soft Serve Bar
VGGF Chocolate Soft Serve
VEGF Chocolate Syrup
VEGF Chocolate Sprinkles*
VGGF Vanilla Soft Serve
VE Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Crumbles*
VEGF Rainbow Sprinkles*
VG Caramel Syrup
VG Granola Topping*