Garden Fresh Restaurants Supply Chain Commitments

Garden Fresh Restaurants is committed to only sourcing produce and other ingredients from suppliers that meet our high standards for freshness, quality, and safety, and that also share our commitment to humane, ethical and sustainable business practices. We require our suppliers to certify their commitment to our company’s standards on an annual basis, and monitor their compliance on an ongoing basis. Serving only the freshest, highest quality food in a way that is socially responsible has been part of our company’s heritage since we opened our first restaurant in 1978.

Humane Treatment of Animals

Although protein is a relatively small part of our product mix as a salad and soup specialist, Garden Fresh is committed to working with and buying from farmers and suppliers that treat animals humanely throughout their life cycle. We are currently working with our egg suppliers to fulfill our commitment to source only cage-free eggs by 2026. We are also in discussions with our chicken and pork suppliers to ensure they are meeting our commitment to humanely raising and processing animals . . . Continue reading