Vegan Options at Souplantation

Vegan salad

Sometimes it may be difficult to find vegan options when dining out, but at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, we’ve got your back. We’re proud to serve delicious, authentic, healthy food to diners all over the country, and no matter what location you visit, we’ve got something healthy and delicious on the menu for all of our vegan eaters. We can help you craft the perfect vegan meal!

Our Vegan Food Options

With a salad bar full of fresh produce, vegan diners get their pick of healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables. Our salad bar makes the perfect option for a vegan lunch or dinner, and because you construct the salad yourself, you can be sure your salad stays plant based. Plus, we stock a wide range of items, so you can make a vegan salad that’s light and easy or hearty that’ll keep you going for hours.
Start with a bed of crisp Romaine lettuce, hearty spinach, or delicious spring mix for a base that’s crunchy, flavorful, and full of vital nutrients like iron and Vitamin A. Add some substance to your salad with our range of fresh vegetables and fruit, like vine-ripened tomatoes packed with the antioxidant lycopene, or, for a great vegan source of iron – pile on garbanzo, kidney or black beans. Remember to pair these foods with high vitamin C foods, like bell peppers or broccoli, to help increase the absorption of iron!

Those protein-rich beans will also keep you full for the long haul, as they are also filled with fiber – which will provide long-lasting energy. Finally, top off your salad with one of our delicious vegan dressings like housemade French or fat-free Italian. You can even try mixing our extra virgin olive oil with any of our vinegars and freshly cracked black pepper for your own custom made vegan salad dressing!

Visit Our Delicious Vegan Salad Bar

We’re proud to serve the national vegan community with wholesome, healthy and delicious foods, and if you’d like to dig into your very own vegan salad creation, we’d love for you to dine with us. To check out the current vegan offerings on our menu, use our interactive Nutrition Guide then find a restaurant location near you to taste our healthy options and join Club Veg to get great deals sent straight to your inbox. We hope you enjoy your next vegan meal with us!

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