Remember when food was made from scratch and it was so delicious, wholesome and good?
That’s just how we do it every day, fresh ingredients, no boxes and no mixes.

During March, Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes offers house-made Creamy Tomato Soup, and Grilled Cheese Focaccia Dippers! Joan and Chef Mike are showing how we make our soup and focaccia from scratch in our test kitchen

Check out our video:

It’s How We Do Creamy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Focaccia Dippers

Our focaccia dough ready to be topped with butter and then a delicious blend of cheeses.

Now we added some cheese and then it is off to the oven

Sadly, I did not take any of the finished product in our test kitchen last week but I do have this photo that a pro took of our Grilled Cheese Focaccia Dippers.

Looks good, right?

0 thoughts on “IT’S HOW WE DO MARCH”

  1. 3 of us went to lunh at your Brea Ca. restarunt and very disappointed. We really enjoy the clam chowder soup. The soup today was very WATERED DOWN and the Chicken with Leek soup was cold. We did not mention it to the manager because there were quit a few customers waiting to pay. For the price that we paid we should have received better quality of the soups, not water down, it’ need to be hotter and not warm. the other soups did not appeal to us because after the experience we did not want to waste. Thank you very much but maybe this will kind of wake up the manager so he does not have any complaints.
    Martha Marin

    1. Martha-
      Thank you for your feedback, we will be sure to share this feedback with our managers. We ensure you that this will not happen again at your next visit to Souplantation. Thank you for letting us know.


  2. Have been dining at SweetTomatoe Boca Raton,FL for a number of years. Recently noticed that fewer and fewer customers are leaving tips for your minimum wage busboys.I’m sure your customers can spare a couple of dollars for these folks. Can you arrange a customer awareness program?.

  3. What kind of cheeses? This really did taste like grilled cheese. i could only eat 2 but so so good. when is it back again?

    also, why is the lemon cream pasta w capers non veg? is it w stock? Thanks. wish you guys had a baked potato veg cheese soup.

  4. I just had the Creamy Tomato Soup yesterday, and it was FABULOUS. It’s unfortunate that it is only a seasonal option, because I would like to enjoy it on a regular basis. Is there any chance that you would share the recipe so that I could make it myself when it’s not available at the restaurant?

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